Mammogram and OBSP

Mammography is a specialized type of low-dose X-ray imaging technique that plays an essential role in the early detection and screening of breast cancer, and the investigation of breast health issues.

Why Might I Need A Mammogram:

Mammograms are utilized for the early detection of breast cancer in asymptomatic women, known as screening mammograms. Typically, this involves capturing two or more x-ray images of each breast, which can reveal tumours not felt during physical examination. Additionally, screening mammograms can identify microcalcifications, small calcium deposits that may signal the presence of breast cancer.

Mammograms are also utilized to investigate breast cancer following the discovery of a lump or other indicative sign or symptom, termed a diagnostic mammogram. In addition to a lump, indications of breast cancer may encompass breast discomfort, thickening of breast skin, nipple discharge, or alterations in breast size or shape; yet, these signs might also indicate benign conditions.

Midland-Ellesmere X-ray and Ultrasound is proud to be affiliated with the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP), providing screening mammograms by fully accredited technologists.

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) is a province wide program that provides OHIP-covered breast screening mammograms.

Average Risk:

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) recommends that most eligible women, two-spirit, trans, and nonbinary people ages 50 to 74 get screened with mammography every 2 years.

People ages 50 to 74 are eligible for screening through the OBSP if they:

  • have no new breast cancer symptoms
  • have no personal history of breast cancer
  • have not had a mastectomy
  • have not had a screening mammogram within the last 11 months
  • If transfeminine, have used feminizing hormones for at least 5 years in a row

If you’re between the age of 50-74: Click here to book your OHIP-covered breast screening. No doctor referral required.

Starting fall 2024, the Ontario government will lower the eligible age for self-referred breast screenings from 50 to 40. This means women ages 40-49, in addition to women ages 50-74, will be able to book their OHIP-covered breast screening without a doctor’s referral.

High Risk:

The OBSP recommends annual breast screenings for women ages 30-69 who are confirmed by their doctor or nurse practitioner to be at high risk for breast cancer.

Scheduling Your Test:

Please contact our office at your convenience to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you further.

You should book your mammogram for a time when your breasts are not tender. Your breasts may be tender:

    • the week before and after your period
    • if you have drinks with caffeine (like coffee, tea or other drinks high in caffeine)

Some experts say that having less caffeine for 2 weeks before your mammogram can help make your breasts less tender.

Before Your Test:

  • Do not wear deodorant, antiperspirant, or powder under your arms or on the chest because they can affect the accuracy of the mammogram.
  • Please wear a 2-piece outfit (like a top and pants) because you will be asked to take off your top.

During Your Test:

The technologist will be asking you some questions regarding your previous medical information, including whether or not you have breast implants, to allow the radiologist to better understand your medial health and optimally interpret your mammogram images. If you require assistance in answering these questions, please bring a family member or friend who can assist you.

During the examination, your breasts will be placed between mammographic compression paddles that will gradually compress your breasts. Two images will be taken of each breast, one from top to bottom and the other from side to side. For some people, the process can be mildly uncomfortable, however, compressing the breast tissue ensures we are able to obtain accurate images to allow proper diagnosis.

After The Test:

Once the test is completed, your breasts may be tender; however, you are able to return to your normal activities.


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